Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk | Review

This foundation has been on the scene for years now, with many make-up artists citing it as their Holy Grail. I decided it was time to check out the hype. 

I managed to buy the wrong shade of this foundation not once, but twice. Undeterred and even more determined to try this out after the shade 4 turned out to be too dark, I went the opposite way and picked up a bottle in the shade 2. Surprise, surprise, it was far too pale. Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, the third bottle I’d buy would probably turn out to be just right- but this foundation comes with a sizeable price tag and I wasn’t keen on forking it out for the third time. Besides which, having two shades at totally different ends of the colour spectrum means I can customise my perfect shade every day, based on how dedicated I’ve been to my fake tanning so it actually works out. 

Let’s talk about about the formula of this foundation. It’s light and predominately water-based and it glides on really smoothly. It buffs into the skin easily and blends seamlessly, leaving a virtually undetectable base. I love that this can built up to ramp up the coverage if you need to, and it lasts amazingly well even without powder. But all that aside, my favourite feature is the way it makes my skin look. It manages to make it appear both matte, but also slightly glowy and satin-y and while it covers up all of my blemishes, dark circles and evens my skin tone, my skin still looks like skin. A little blob of this goes a long way, making the price a little more justifiable. And for what I can only describe as perfect skin in a bottle, how could you not love this? My one gripe is that, although this comes with a pump which is a huge plus, it does have a tendency to leak out at times. I’ve picked this out of my make-up bag to to find wasted foundation in the lid and down the side of the bottle on more than occasion. For such an expensive product, you would expect the pump to be up to standard. 

That minor grumble aside, this really is a wonder-product. It's hydrating, long-wearing and makes your skin look like you drink 3 litres of water every day and get nine hours of sleep every night. If you’re on the hunt for a new base and you want to splash out, then this ticks pretty much all the boxes.

 If you saw my last post you'll know I've just come back from Greece, which was absolutely lovely. We were staying in Kos and Luckily we missed the earthquake there, but it was really sad to hear about! I'll be doing a post on my holiday make-up and skincare soon, although my skincare routine is about to change as I'm finally going to see a dermatologist about my acne. Regular readers will know I've struggled on and off with acne for years, and hopefully after my visit next Monday I'll be sorted out. If you think there's anything I need to know before going then pease direct me to any posts or let me know in the comments below!