Dr. Brandt's Pore Refining Primer | Review

I’ve been meaning to review this amazing primer from Dr. Brandt for a while now and the wait is finally over!

Dr.  Brandt’s Pores No More Pore Refining Primer ticks an impressive number of boxes for me. It’s a lightweight, hydrating mattifying primer that keeps my base on lock throughout the day. This is what I reach for on nights out, when I know that come two or three am I’ll be a sweaty, kebab-stained mess with no desire to touch up my concealer or bronzer. This keeps everything from sliding off and allows me to keep touch-ups to an absolute minimum. I love how it looks in flash photos; the formula is skin tone rather than white like a lot of primers, so when worn underneath foundation it doesn’t give you that chalky or ghost-like cast in pictures. The actual texture of this is almost like a cross between a gel and a paste, which sounds a little bizarre, but it melts onto the skin instantly and glides on beautifully, leaving you with a soft, silky canvas for makeup. It definitely does minimise pores as it claims to, but whether it shrinks them up completely is up for debate. I wouldn’t personally attest to this, but my pores aren’t particularly large anyway, so I don’t take issue with it. In terms of longevity, hydration and that airbrushed effect provided by only the best of primers, it delivers it all and is well-worthy (in my opinion) of the hefty price tag. Unlike a lot of primers I’ve tried, this has a strangely, but no unpleasantly, organic smell, that reminds me of lavender. It’s possible this comes from the flaxseed extract, which absorbs excess oil, or tea tree oil which keeps pesky spots at bay. One tube of this lasts a hell of a long time, and packs such serious punch that I wouldn’t be without it now. It’s definitely one that I’ll keep repurchasing long into the future, and is one to consider if you want something that’ll not only make your skin look flawless- but also keep your skin looking flawless. And who wouldn’t want that?

Buy it HERE for 30.95 GBP.

Have you tried this primer? I've just bought the Too Faced Hangover Primer and I don't like it that much, but I'm going to persevere with it because I want to love it so badly. Did any of you not like the hangover primer? Let me know in the comments! Also if you have suggestions or blog posts about holiday clothes then link me to them because I'm going to Greece next month and I have no idea what to wear. I'm super excited though; if you'd be interested in hearing what I'm going to be taking with me make-up and skincare wise then let me know. Have a great week, guys!