The Perfect Pair | Blusher and Lip Colour

Out of all my pieces of make-up, blush and lip colour are the two I use the least; until I found this match made in heaven.

A few years ago when these were released, these blushes were all over everyone's blogs, and hailed as the affordable alternative for Hourglass’ swoon-worthy Ambient Blushes. Out of all the blushes I’ve used- and that includes NARS’ much-coveted Orgasm- this one from Max Factor is the one that’s converted me to wearing blush every day. I bought it in the shade Lovely Pink, which is the lightest in the range, but don’t let that put you off; this doesn’t look unnatural or too pink on the skin. All of the Creme Puff blushes are baked blushes made up of a pinky shade and slightly lighter, more golden/ peach shade, which work together to add dimension and depth. I was actually amazed by how flattering this blusher was, giving me a satiny glow and a healthy, I’ve-just-come-back-from-holiday tint. It compliments my bronzer (the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer if you were curious) and it brings out the blue in my eyes. The texture is very creamy and not at all chalky, but it doesn't separate any make-up you're wearing below it, which is great. It blends really well, leave an almost imperceptible flush of colour, so if you don't wear blush that often and you're thinking about trying it out, this would be a great option to start you off. Even though it's not very noticeable on the skin, I honestly couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made the overall appearance of my make-up and now I reach for it every single day.

This blusher pairs perfectly with the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in the shade ‘Bare’. These Art Sticks have definitely changed the lipstick game for me, as I’m someone who hates having to re-apply throughout the day and one of my biggest pet peeves is noticing my lipstick’s feathered or gone crusty. These are fuss-free lip pencils that are super moisturising and leave a tint, rather than full-blown hit of colour, which means they wear off naturally as the day goes on as opposed to caking or leaving a ring. This shade is quite a pinky nude, but it definitely falls under the your-lips-but-better category and I think it would suit a whole range of skin tones. I love swiping it on after lip balm, as it gives a subtle, plumped effect with none of the hassle of lip lining, filling and setting. A winner for summer, when I want something I can grab on the go and not worry about again. The combination of this lip pencil and blusher together is a soft and pretty look that's both fuss-free and understated.

You can buy the Max Factor Creme Puff blush HERE and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick HERE.

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