The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

New brand on the block The Ordinary has got the beauty world in a buzz, and after having tried their Hyaluronic Acid, it’s easy to see why.


I won't witter on about the Ordinary's unique ethos, because the chances are you've already heard about it- I'll let this TELEGRAPH ARTICLE  do the talking instead. But, in short, the Ordinary provides uber-affordable skincare solutions (and make-up, in the near future) by cutting down on advertising and fancy packaging. So this 30ml of Hyaluronic Acid only cost me £6 which is a merge amount compared to what I would expect to fork out for a potent anti-ageing serum.

And hyaluronic acid has been touted as the best in the game for anti-ageing. HA is what our skin naturally produces to fight fine lines and wrinkles, so by using it as a serum we’re actually encouraging our skin’s long-term production of HA. HA is what keeps our skin looking plump and dewy, and after having used this product after cleansing and toning for about a week now, I can definitely attest to that.

At first, I found my skin felt a little tight after using this. The first few nights I put up with it, eschewing my reliable and beloved Nivea Q10. But after night 4 I gave in and started slathering on the Q10 after the hyaluronic acid, because it felt like if I didn't crack then my skin was going to. For a few weeks, I was using a few drops of HA with a few blobs of moisturiser, but as time went by, I weaned myself off the Q10 all together. Although my skin didn’t feel as deeply moisturised as it does with the Q10, my skin looked supple and hydrated and my foundation glided on smoothly and buffed in beautifully come morning. I think this one is definitely one that takes some getting used to, but now I’m a total HA convert and the Q10 will only make an appearance if my skin is going through a particularly parched phase.

My first buy from the Ordinary has been a success; so much so that I’ve already ordered their retinol serum and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Keep your eyes open for a full post soon. The Ordinary wins top marks for being readily available on Asos and for it’s minimal packaging that looks particularly chic in my bathroom cabinet.

Buy their hyaluronic acid HERE.

Have you tried anything from the Ordinary? I've heard their new foundation hasn't even been released yet, but it's already got a massive waiting list! Hopefully when it becomes more available I'll manage to buy a bottle. I'm really sorry I haven't been posting as regularly on here or on my INSTAGRAM, it's because I've been so stressed with deadlines and exams I just haven't had the time. I'll get back to it soon, I promise. In the mean time, as part of my assessments I've been writing the 'News' tab in the top left corner on this blog, so it would mean so much to me if you guys could check it out and leave comments.