Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate | Review

I've been wanting to try a facial oil for a while now and I've heard nothing but good things about the MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE from Kiehl's. 

I was excited to try this much raved-about skin treatment. Packed with natural oils high in fatty acids, the oil is designed to replenish and renew skin overnight, when the skin is most susceptible to absorbing product. The first evening I used it, I applied it after cleansing and decided to forego my usual moisturise in favour of this as it left quite a heavy residue on the skin and I didn't want to overload it with product. Come morning, the evening primrose oil, natural lipids and omega 6 had already set to work and my complexion looked smooth and supple. My skin is quite dull and congested at the moment, but this gave me a dewy glow and my make-up seemed to glide on much more evenly than usual. For no-makeup days, this is a crucial night-before step in my skincare routine as it adds a noticeably healthier touch to my face.

Acne scars appeared lighter and my skin texture looked plumped and rosy. The evening primrose oil also works to alleviate acne and after using this a few times I notice fewer spots, which is surprising as I've always shied away from oils; I've definitely been conned by the myth that facial oils clog your pores and cause spots. The only thing I would point out about this treatment is that it isn't quite as hydrating as your classic night cream, and as someone with dry skin, I find myself using the oil first, waiting until it's absorbed, and then going in with my reliable NIVEA QT10 moisturiser. Since the oil's main function is to repair and restore life to unhappy skin, injecting moisture to the skin is an added bonus. To hydrate deeply, use this and a face cream in tandem. This is a minor gripe though, and overall I couldn't recommend this enough if you're in the market for something that promises to straighten out a whole range of skin problems and make your skin look and feel in tip-top condition and as good as new. 

Have you tried this facial oil? Let me know in the comments!