Three Foundation Faves Under £10

As much as I love high-end foundations, I’ve noticed a lot of the really stand-out foundations in my collection have come straight from the drugstore. As you can see, these three foundation were so good, I bought them in different shades.

The first is arguably the best all-rounder, and it’s L’OREAL TRUE MATCH foundation. Good for dry, oily and / or combination skin, this foundation has the widest shade range of all drugstore foundations here in the UK, ensuring you’ll find a shade to match your skin. It’s a very watery foundation which means it takes a little more blending to get a perfect, seamless base, but in my opinion, this is worth it. It has medium coverage, and is semi-buildable, so you can crank up the coverage a little, but you’ll probably need concealer if you’re trying to cover hardcore dark circles / blemishes. Where it lacks in build-ability it easily makes up for in finish, which is a very natural, second-skin satin feel. It comes in a elegant glass bottle with a handy pump and a mirror in the lid, making it both chic and convenient.

My second foundation favourite is a little heavier on the coverage, and, in my opinion, the best the drugstore has to offer in terms of high-coverage foundations. MAYBELLINE FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS rivals L’Oreal’s Infallible Matte foundation for this title, with a strong following in the Infallible camp- but hear me out. Not only is the Matte + Poreless cheaper, it is only a better option for all of us with a warmer undertone, like myself. An excellent choice for anyone with yellow or orange tones in their skin. The formula itself buffs in like a dream and conceals a multitude of sins, including acne scarring and dark circles, and, as promised, my pores are magically made invisible. The packaging is not my favourite, I think the plastic tube and boring label serves as an indication of just how cheap this foundation actually is. Nevertheless, since my bottle of Double Wear ran out, I won’t be without this foundation for any event where I know there’ll be photos- Matte + Poreless is the ultimate no-flashback foundation.

What kind of post would this be without BOURJOIS HEALTHY MIX cropping up. This is the happy medium of the above two; good for dry and oily skin types, with a medium coverage that is buildable enough to be your best friend on the good-skin days and the bad-skin days. While providing coverage, it also maintains a fresh, healthy glow that somehow manages to stay in place all day, with no need to re-apply. The packaging is, again, not to my taste, but I only really like the simplest, sleekest packaging so I guess I’m a bit fussy. The pump is a useful, however. Overall, this is probably my favourite of the three- it’s virtually undetectable on the skin, but does a beautiful job evening and covering. That being said, it doesn’t mask which is incredibly important for me when testing out out everyday-wear foundations; I like to keep my skin looking like skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do have any foundation favourites from the drugstore?