Will I be repurchasing Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Cleanser?

I picked up this cleanser towards the end of 2015 and after using it on and off over the past year, I finally ran out of in November of 2016. Since then, I've been deliberating parting with the money for a second bottle; here's why.

 I used it as a deep cleanser after taking the brunt of my make-up of with Garnier's micellar water and it was a really nice addition to my evening skincare routine, When my acne was at it's worst, this is what I found myself reaching for, as it really soothed my skin and helped quickly heal any existing spots. The two types of clay in the formula worked in tandem to draw out impurities and I thought my skin always looks clearer around my time of the month when using this regularly. I could use this cleanser for days in a row and it wouldn't strip or dehydrate my skin, which was a huge plus.

Unfortunately, it didn't live up it's claims offering ceramic-smooth skin. It didn't give me that porcelain canvas for make-up application that I was hoping for and for the price tag, I was hoping for more noticeable, pore-busting properties from this. That flawless, airbrushed finish just wasn't there for me. 

I'm not sure this will make the cut when I next check out on Cult Beauty- it was a good cleanser, especially for my spot-prone skin, but not worth this cult status or the money. A bit of a shame! So my hunt for the perfect cleaner continues. The last thing I got from Cult Beauty is the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. It hasn't arrived yet but when it does I'll be sure to test it out and post a review ASAP. 


Have you tried this cleanser? What did you think of it?