My Three New Favourites for Acne and Scarring

I am so happy I finally parted with the money for this triad of products from Ole Henriksen. If you follow me on TWITTER, you might've seen my rants and raves about how spotty my skin has been recently, and as a result it's also dotted with pinky-red acne scars. But since using these three day and night, my skin skin is looking clearer and fresher than ever.

The 3 LITTLE WONDERS kit is appropriately named. It contains two serums and a moisturiser and I got a complimentary pot of 'sugar glow polishing mask' also by Ole Henriksen, along with it. I wasn't sure how often I'd use this manual exfoliator, as the both the serums contain a lot of AHA's which have highly exfoliating properties. The first serum is a morning 'collagen booster' that smells exactly like sweet, fresh oranges, and contains, surprise, surprise, Vitamin C. It also has rose hip and green tea to soothe and hydrate. The serum has a light, gel-like consistency that absorbs quickly and leaves a light tingly feeling behind. The second serum is a more hardcore 'invigorating night gel-firming treatment'. It has the same texture, which I adore, a questionable smell that can be easily overlooked and and a slightly more noticeable tingly sensation that lasts longer as well. It claims to contain 'botanical alpha hydroxy acids in concentrated amounts resulting in rapid cell proliferation' and 'prevents irritation with fruit acids suspended in purified algae extract, vitamins A, C and E, plus mucopolysaccharides'. Now, I don't know what 'mucopolysaccharides' are, and I won't even try to pronounce it, but I'm pretty sure my skin agrees with them. 

This moisturiser is one of the best moisturiser's I've ever used. It doesn't feel like a cream at all- like the two serums, it feels like a gel, and it melts into my skin with no heavy feeling whatsoever. It absorbs quickly, leaving a silky smooth skin surface. With liquorice, it claims to gradually reduce hyperpigmentation and increase skin cell turnover, and I can already see it's worked it's magic on my acne scars, fading them in just two weeks. Contrary to what I previously thought about the complimentary polish, I actually use it fairly often- about once or twice a week. It makes my skin unbelievably smooth, shrinking my pores evening my skin texture. 

My spots have almost completely disappeared since using these, and my skin feels softer and smoother and healthier overall. The marks have lost a lot of their colour as well. I couldn't recommend these products enough if you're struggling with acne or scarring; it's quite pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Hope you all enjoy your weeks!