High-End Wishlist

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant

Last week, I spotted something new from La Roche-Posay in Boots; a BB cream/skincare hybrid that I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

La Roche-Posay Unifiant retails for GBP 16.50 and can be bought HERE.

I was expecting great things from this product for a number of reasons. Firstly, because Vichy, La Roche-Posay's parent company has an outstanding range of foundations (Dermablend, I'm looking at you- post HERE) so I knew the quality of Unifiant would be of a similarly high standard. And secondly, because I've been a huge fan of the Effaclar line for years. In fact, anything from the La Roche-Posay and Vichy enterprise has never failed to deliver exceptional results.

Effaclar Duo has been a staple in my bathroom cabinet for years so I was understandably beyond excited to learn they'd come out with a tinted formula. My skin has been on the warpath since I switched contraception. More often than not, I'm going out with no make-up on whatsoever, in the vague hope that this'll help my skin situation a bit. But with this product, I can get a little bit of coverage and an evened-out skin tone while still reaping the skin-clearing benefits of Effaclar Duo. The light shade suits my skin the best, although the two shade options leave a lot to be desired for. In the week that I've been using it, I've noticed fewer of the smaller spots that have been plaguing me recently and some of the bigger ones seem to be healing faster. Understandably, (but still unfortunately) it hasn't helped any of the larger, more cystic spots. 

I've been applying this every day and I feel like my skin looks a lot clearer and fresher so I'm really happy I picked it up! I know this product only been released recently, but have you tried it out? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

September Favourites

Another month, another selection of stand-out products that I’ve been religiously reaching for throughout September. 

Morphe M439 brush-

A firm favourite this month has been this little workhorse of a brush, which I touched on briefly in my BEAUTYBAY HAUL post. It’s got firm but fluffy bristles that blend out liquid foundations seamlessly and make my skin look absolutely pixel-perfect. It slices the time I usually take to do my makeup in half and I use it for BB creams, foundations and even my concealer so it’s an excellent all-rounder. Well worth the hype and I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

H&M eyeshadow single in BACI DI AMA-

I’m a huge advocate for H&M’s beauty range, I think generally the brand hits the nail on the head every time in terms of quality, and everything comes with a very purse-friendly price tag. I have a few of their single eyeshadow pans and I have my eye on a few more- and this shade was one of them.  It’s a beautiful dark champagne shade, with a nude/ rose gold tint and light shimmer, that means it can double as a highlighter. The colour pay-off is good, and if you want to build up a few layers it doesn’t go chalky or dry. I’ve been wearing this on my lids pretty much every day, and paired it with a bit of black or dark brown shadow smudged in my outer corners for freshers events. 


Since switching up my contraception, my skin, which has been severely acne-prone in the past, has been playing up a bit. Enter, this unique little bottle of pink goodness from Mario Badescu, I mentioned it briefly in my NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE post, but I feel like it may need it’s own post so I can properly rant and rave about how good it is. It’s the only think I’ve ever applied to a spot that has dramatically improved the appearance of it by morning. I put a cotton bud in the sediment at the bottom of the bottle and dab it onto the affected area- not just the spot itself, the skin surrounding it as well. As suggested by the name, the high salicylic acid content can be very drying on your skin if you overuse it, so use sparingly every two or three days.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipstick in SERENITY-

The perfect dusky pinky-nude that doesn’t budge no matter how many vodka lemonade’s you’re necking. I don’t have to think about it again after I’ve applied it, it doesn’t crack or congeal around edges of my lips- I literally don’t even bother taking it out with me when I leave the house (aren’t I wild) because I rarely need to re-apply.


If I’m not wearing the above, then I’m wearing this lipliner. It fits the shade of my natural lips to a T, so to it’s the ideal pencil to over-line my lips with. I bought this shade about two years ago, fell in love and wore it everyday until I’d sharpened it to the size of a cigarette filter. I repurchased it, promptly forgot about it amidst the Velvet Teddy hype and only just rediscovered it when i rejigged my make-up bag around in preparation for uni. 

Bumble&Bumble SURF INFUSION spray-

I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with this hair texturiser, but this month was a month of loving. I find that it often doesn’t give my hair enough body and bounce, and even if it does make waves in my hair, they tend to fall flat faster than I would like. So instead of tousling it through damp hair like I have been, this month I’ve been applying it to already dried and styled hair and combing it through with my fingers. I’ve been doing a lot of curls recently- the Mark Hill 32MM barrel is my favourite right now- and when the curls have set, they can look a bit too ‘done’. A little spritz of surf infusion gives them a less polished, more beachy, lived-in vibe and I’m so here for it. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in DIM LIGHT-

Another gem I found at the bottom of an old make-up bag. This the perfect powder for adding an all-over airbrushed glow with not a hint of sparkle. It also adds a little bit of a bronze, without going overboard. You can use this to set foundation or wear it alone; it looks gorgeous brushed over my collarbones and décolletage. 

Plastic makeup organisers-

Although not technically a product, these have still been a favourite this month. They are the perfect size for displaying and storing products I don't use daily and they look really pretty on my windowsill. 

So that's everything I've been loving in September. Now that it's officially Autumn, next month's post will probably be heavy with vampy, berry lips and orangey-gold tones on the eyes. And next week will be my first week at my new university! I'm sure lots of you are in the same boat as me. Let me know how your first week's go and if you've tried any of the products in the post, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Dior Addict Nail Polish in Rose Energy

I had to do a quick post to share this nail polish with you guys. It’s a new favourite, and I got it from TK Maxx! They have some real gems in there.

As you can see, this nail polish is a really pretty glittery pink, but it comes out looking really natural and feminine. It makes my nails look so glossy and elegant! The colour is quite sheer, but can be built up in a few coats without going tacky which is great, and so far it hasn’t chipped or peeled. I’m so pleased with this little bargain!

In a few days I’ll be heading back to uni- but not at Falmouth. I transferred! I’ll be going into second year at Brighton and I’m so nervous! Everyone will already know each other, and I’ll be the new girl, which is secretly one of my worst fears. Wish me luck!

Beautybay Haul | First Impressions

Last week, a lovely big Beautybay order arrived for me, and since then I’ve been trialling everything so I can share my honest opinions on them. So if you’re here for a long, rambly post about a bunch of Beautybay products, then you’re in luck!

I ended up getting two new make-up applying tools ( don’t go too crazy, Tia). Although, I’ve been faithful to Zoeva’s Silk Finish since it came out, I decided to switch it up after seeing so many Youtubers rave about the Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush. This brush is pretty thick, with a wider area of soft, synthetic bristles, meaning I can get more foundation on the the brush and cut down on the amount of time I spend buffing it in. It’s become a firm favourite on busy mornings, doing practically all my blending work for me.The other new foundation applicator I picked up- and I’m super late to the party on this one- is the BEAUTYBLENDER. I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about, and honestly I’m so glad I did because this sponge is in a class above the rest. Using this feels like I’m applying foundation with a little cloud, and it makes my base look totally seamless and airbrushed. I’m a total Beautyblender covert, as you can see from it's well-loved appearance. 

Something I was really excited about trying since seeing Katie La Vie BLOG ABOUT IT, is the Illamasqua MASQUARA in Raven. Applying mascara is possibly my favourite part of my make-up routine so I’m constantly on the hunt for my next Holy Grail product and I have a feeling this is going to be my new favourite. Brace yourselves; this product will probably be cropping up on the blog a lot in the upcoming days / weeks / months (years?). This makes my lashes so long and curly and defined, both on the top and the bottom. The wand tackles every individual lash, meaning you can take your lashes upwards for a doe-eyed look or outwards, for a more winged, cat-eye effect.

 Remarkably, I only picked up one foundationy-type product and it was the LA Girl PRO HD BB CREAM. I’ve had my eyes peeled for a BB Cream in a shade range more diverse than Light, Medium and Dark and this product comes in 8 shades, so there’s a colour match for everyone. I plumped for Natural, which is a bit darker than my natural skin tone, but normally when I wear lighter-coverage base options, I go in with a lot of fake tan-infused moisturiser beforehand to get a bit of a base colour going.I love the consistency of this product, it doesn’t feel thick but it’s not so thin that it looks greasy or oily on my skin. Although I don’t normally set BB creams,  I’ve been using an Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder alongside this BB cream, otherwise I find it’s quite prone to transferring and wearing away throughout the day. For the price, this is such a bargain and I’ll be wearing this on my no make-up make-up days for some added coverage. Expect a full review soon!

The only disappointing product in this haul was the RMS LIVING LUMINIZER- and that’s actually more my fault than the product’s. I was expecting a shimmery, lightly pigmented strobing cream in a golden-champagne shade and I should’ve inspected the swatches online in more depth before purchasing. This to me feels like Vaseline-which I do occassinsaly use as an uber-natural highlighter- but for £30. It’s not got much colour to it a lot, it really just adds a sheen to my skin that leans towards the slightly sweaty if you go overboard. There’s a lot of hype around this product, so perhaps it takes some getting used to. I won’t give up on it just yet- I’ll keep you informed with how it goes.

When I saw Dr. Brand’t PORES NO MORE primer was on sale, I had to get it! It’s a skin-toned primer with a refreshing lavender fragrance and it does exactly what it promises, erasing my pores and leaving my skin perfectly primed. I am in love with this primer, I don’t know I managed without it, and I’ll be doing a full review on the blog soon.

If you saw my NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE post, you’ll have seen it featured Oskia’s RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL. If princesses used cleansers (and I imagine they do, because they have great skin), it would be this one. It smells like turkish delights and roses and it melts onto the skin and forms a creamy lather. It doesn't foam, so it's not drying, but it gets the job done, cleansing my face and leaving it feeling super fresh and balanced.

So that’s it! Everything I bought from Beautybay. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Current Makeup Inspiration

I was looking through my camera roll the other day, and I noticed I have a disproportionate number of photos of pretty make-up looks. I thought I'd smush them together in a post for you guys to see what looks I've been loving recently.

As you can see, I'm obsessing over these long, voluminous, fluttery eyelashes! I wish I could find false eyelashes similar to these ones that wouldn't look really OTT; if you have any recommendations let me know.  I've also been lusting over these bronzey/copper and pink eyeshadow combinations as well, they pair so nicely with a tan. 

All these pictures were found on Instagram / Pinterest / Tumblr and are not my own!

I went out last night and I loved the make-up I was wearing; I posted a snippet of the selection on my INSTAGRAM. I tried to recreate the pink and orange tones on my eyes, like in the first picture above and I went for a lovely, long-wearing base that stayed in place despite all the dancing and sweating (gross). Let me know if you'd like to see a post on the full look! 

Nighttime Skincare Routine

FARFETCH recently got in touch with me to participate in their ‘Nighttime Skin Regime of a Beauty Blogger’ competition. However, nothing in this post is sponsored!  I bought all of these products with my hard-earned money and I use them every night before bed.

The first thing I use is a firm favourite, one that you’ve probably heard me mention before and it’s Garnier’s MICELLAR WATER. This works like a dream, dissolving even the heaviest makeup in one quick swipe, and only costs 3.33 GBP! A certifiable bargain. I use two nice big cotton pads; one for my face and another for my eyes. Once I've removed most of my makeup, I like to deep cleanse, just incase there’s any dirt or grime below the surface of skin that my micellar water missed. Depending on how my skin’s doing, I either use Oskia’s cult classic RENAISSANCE GEL CLEANSER or Sunday Riley’s CERAMIC SLIP CLEANSER . I absolutely love the unique formula and fragrance of the Renaissance cleanser. It starts out as a baby-pink gel that smells exactly like turkish delights, and lathers up to a thick white cream that leaves my skin unbelievably soft and perfectly prepared for make-up application. The impressive list of ingredients includes pumpkin enzymes and Vitamin C for beautifully balanced, clean-but-not-tight, crystal-clear skin. 

The Ceramic Slip Cleanser is what I turn to when my skin’s on the warpath; I suffer with spots, and this has been a game changer for me. This cleanser gently soothes the skin while helping to quickly heal any existing spots and the 2 different types of clay draw out impurities from the skin to prevent future breakouts. There’s also a reason it’s got the word ‘ceramic’ in the title- one cleanse with this and my skin looks perfectly poreless and porcelain-smooth. To tone, I love Pixis’s GLOW TONIC. This powerful cocktail of skin-loving ingredients, including Vitamin A, gently buffs away dead skin cells and manages to glow up my skin even on it's dullest day. Since using this toner, I’ve felt a lot more confident going makeup-less.

As a serum, and in-keeping with my quest for radiant skin I’ve been using Medik8's Retinol ADVANCED NIGHT SERUM. This is marketed as an anti-ageing oil, but it works wonders at brightening up my skin and, most importantly for me, it’s slowly but surely working away at my acne scars. Even with such a high concentration of Retinol, it doesn’t burn or make my skin tingle; I just apply a few dropsdirectly to my face with the pipette and rub it in with my fingers. To moisturise, I can’t get enough of Eucerin’s BRIGHTENING CLINICAL MOISTURISER (on offer!).  I know this is a day cream, but I can’t stand the feel of heavy creams so the consistency of this is just right to slather on before bed and leave to absorb overnight. This has definitely worked with the Glow Tonic and Retinol to wake up my complexion and since following this routine, so many people have been commenting on my skin and telling me how fresh I look. To finish, if I have any of those horrible, under-the-skin spots (the bane of my life) I pop a bit of Mario Badescu’s DRYING LOTION on them with a cotton bud. Get the crusty pink sediment at the bottom onto any spot and in the morning I swear it’ll be reduced massively. Kylie Jenner SWEARS BY IT and have you ever seen her with a spot? No? Exactly.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these and please also direct me to any back-to-school/ uni posts you’ve written. I’m going back to Uni in  few weeks and I need inspiration for how to decorate my room.

Have a lovely, lazy Sunday!


Summer Scents

I spent last weekend in Brighton with my boyfriend and honestly it was so hot and sunny I felt like summer had arrived early. It’s still pretty warm here in Cornwall and with that in mind, I decided to ditch my Wintry perfumes and start embracing the scents of summer. 

Starting in the shower, I can’t get enough of Aussie’s BEACH MATE hair mask. This hydrating mask provides the most summery, flowery, sugary scent that lasts all day and is so uplifting first thing in the morning when I hop into the shower. 

To moisturise, I like The Body Shop’s BODY BUTTER. I have no idea why they discontinued their line of peach-scented products, because this body butter smells exactly like a bowl of fresh peaches. I’m amazed by how organic and natural it smells. As well as body butter, I also like a body oil for added scent and THIS one from Urban Outfitters makes my skin unbelievably soft. It’s enriched with Tahitian monoï and Tiara flowers and to me, smells like Hawaiian beaches, bright blue skies and ever so slightly like suncream.

To add to the already delicious cocktail of scents going on in my hair, I can’t get enough of OJON’S REVITALISING MIST. Not only is this great for when my hair’s feeling a bit dehydrated in the warmer months, it also has a beautiful, unique scent to it. Out of all these products, the smell of this mist transports me to summer the most. Ojon oil, the main ingredient, is derived from the tropical rainforest so maybe that’s why the smell of it makes me feel like it's ten degrees warmer outside than it actually is.

For me, summer hair wouldn’t be complete without beachy waves. I’m quite lucky my hair has a lot of natural wave to it already, but Bumble & Bumble’s SURF INFUSION definitely adds some shine and bounce, and, of course, smells amazing; like pineapple, coconuts and that indistinguishable expensive hair product smell. I tend to spritz it on and comb it through after the hair mist and allow my hair to air dry.

To finish off my summery collection of scents, I always return to CLARINS EAU DES JARDINS for my perfume. Clarins have managed to capture the scent of lush Italian gardens filled with flowers and marble foundations and condensed it into this gorgeous red and yellow bottle. Every time I reach for it, it confirms that summer has well and truly arrived. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my summery scents! What are your favourite fragrances this summer?

Vichy's Dermablend Corrective Foundation and Setting Powder Review

I was lucky enough to be sent over Vichy’s Dermablend corrective foundation and setting powder to review. Buy them HERE and HERE

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve used this foundation in past and loved it. There’s quite a lot of buzz around it owing to it’s extremely high coverage; in fact the foundation was originally formulated for burn victims and can also cover up rosacea, dark spots, dark circles, tattoos and- my personal reason for purchasing this product in the past- acne. I haven’t used the setting powder before but I’ve always been eager to try it. In conjunction with the foundation it can offer up to 16 hours of flawless wear and I’ve heard it can even make your foundation semi-waterproof.  

I’ve been using this foundation and powder together for a while now and so far I’m impressed. The foundation is geared more towards oily skin, which I was worried about as my skin tends to be quite dry, but after religiously applying moisturiser and a good primer  I had no trouble with it at all. The coverage was excellent; as you can see in the pictures below, I only needed a tiny amount to cover my entire face. It lasted really well, and although I had MAC’s Fix + on hand to combat cakiness, I was pleasantly surprised to find I didn’t need it.

The amount I used

The amount I used

 I had a bumpy start with the setting powder, but I’ve come round to it.  At first, I noticed it creating ghost-like veil and sinking into my pores after a few hours and I couldn’t work out why. However, after I started using a much smaller amount of product I found the powder goes unnoticed on the skin and makes my face look so healthy, and almost airbrushed. I spent an incredibly hot and sweaty weekend in Brighton last week and my foundation not only stayed in place, but also looked really fresh and natural as well. An added bonus- the foundation contains SPF so I didn’t have to worry about sunscreen. The powder comes with a powder puff for application but I found it easier to use a brush.  

 I still love this foundation as much as I did a few years ago, and I'll be using this powder anytime I need added longevity. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this foundation or powder and what you thought of it!  Next week, my Uni is doing an awards ceremony-type thing so look out for a post on what makeup I'm planning to wear for it.

April Favourites

I know you’re probably all sick of monthly favourite posts starting with ‘I don’t know where this month has gone’ but honestly, April has flown by! I seem to have incorporated a whole new selection of products into my morning makeup routine. 


The first gem I’ve been reaching for this this month is the L’OREAL TRUE MATCH foundation. This is the perfect foundation for when you’re transitioning from heavy-duty, high-coverage Winter foundations into to something more light and summery. It still offers a nice middle ground coverage and is also very hydrating. If you’ve ever spotted this in the aisles of Boots or Superdrug you’ll know the shade range is absolutely second to none as well. 

The next thing I’ve been using is BENEFIT’S ROLLER LASH. Since I’ve got a lot of deadlines coming up I’ve been sacrificing the lengthy process of make-up application in the mornings in favour of twenty minutes extra sleep, and this mascara makes it so easy. Normally, I meticulously curly my lashes and use a pin to separate them out, but with this gem I can just whack it on and enjoy a volume and length all day long. In keeping with my newfound laziness, I’ve been loving this LOTTIE NAIL POLISH lately, as it’s quick-drying and doesn’t chip if you build up a few coats. The colour is a really unique metallic gold, with a delicate rosy undertone. 


One of my absolute favourites this month has been this MOISTURISER/PRIMERhybrid from Clean & Clear. I’ve had some stress spots recently and this has really helped clear them up. You can read a full review HERE. I’ve saved the best till last in the CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP CHEAT in Pillow Talk. With all the hype surrounding this cult favourite, I was happily surprised when this lived up to all the rave reviews. I use it all over my lips and I’m always so blown away by the staying power. The colour pay-off is opaque and matte and my lip look so plump and defined when I’m wearing this. Honestly, I can’t praise this lipliner enough.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my April Favourites! I’d love to read your favourites posts so please feel free to pop links to them in the comments below. Hope you all had a stress-free weekend!